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The definition of word "Brother":
+12 rate 1. male sibling; title of a monk used as form of address; fellow member, man who belongs to the same race, male who belongs to the same religion or profession
+4 rate 2. close male friend, especially a member of a gang; used as a form of familiar greeting
+3 rate 3. n a man or boy with the same parents as another person Do you have any brothers and sisters? I have three brothers and a sister. Johnny is my younger/older/big/baby/little brother. It's your brother on the phone. ' Brothers' is a way of speaking to or of people who are members of the same group or who share a similar way of thinking. Let us unite, brothers! (as form of address) Brother is the title of a man, such as a monk, who belongs to a religious organization. Brother Michael and Brother John were deep in conversation. ' I am not my brother's keeper' means that you are not responsible for what someone else does or for what happens to them.
+3 rate 4. slang man of the same group; friend. In the Bible you will read "brethern", which is used in the same meaning
rate 5. slang African-American male
rate 6. mild exclamation of surprise, amazement, etc.
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